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Tax Law


Global Law provides solution-oriented tax advisory services and legal representation in taxation. Our goal is simple: to help clients accomplish their business and personal objectives in the most tax-efficient manner possible. We have provided hands-on tax planning and controversy representation for more than 20 years. Too often, tax attorneys have abstract knowledge of the tax code without any sense of its real-world application. We have a thorough, detailed, and practical working knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code and the many deductions, exemptions, and reporting requirements contained therein, and we pride ourselves on identifying the niche level laws and regulations that protect our client’s interests and prevent over payment of taxes. We work together with our colleagues at Global Tax in their preparation of all tax returns to ensure proper compliance with the state and federal tax laws.

Day in and day out we work with individuals and organizations who are subject to tax laws around the world. Whether your transaction is related to your business or involves a personal investment, we can help you structure the transaction in order to achieve the best results under federal, state, local and international tax laws.

We assist individuals in tax reduction planning, audit representation, offers in compromise and negotiating payments to the IRS and state tax departments. We have been helping individuals resolve tax issues for 20 years. We can reduce, and in some cases, eliminate tax debt. Services include offer in compromise, release of IRS tax levies and liens, eliminate tax penalties, payment plans for back taxes, file non-filed and amended tax returns, and tax audit reconsideration.

Individual Income Tax Planning

Global Law works to help you achieve your financial objectives while maximizing tax advantages through individual income and estate tax planning. We accomplish this with a thorough knowledge of the complex legal landscape you face, and the ability to guide you along a well-traveled path to compliance with U.S. and foreign tax laws.

Tax Planning for Start-up Companies

We have helped hundreds of clients experience the benefits of setting up the right business entity to meet their overall objectives. Many legal and tax considerations go into selecting the right entity, and our more than 20 years of experience enable us to guide you through the start-up process.

Corporate, Partnership, and Joint Venture Planning

We provide tax planning advice to our clients to help them structure their business operations and transactions for the best possible tax results. Whether starting a new business or converting an existing one, our more than 20 years of providing financial services to the business community demonstrate we have the experience to help you achieve your objectives. As a part of our comprehensive approach we also help with business agreements including asset purchase agreements, operating agreements, confidentiality agreements, and breach of contract resolution.

International Tax Planning

Today’s U.S. based global businesses encounter complex, new tax planning and compliance challenges that must be understood individually but addressed collectively. Our experience in multinational structuring matters and advanced tax planning concerns includes international business advice and planning including worldwide tax minimization planning, cross-border organizations, reorganizations, and financing, Subpart-F income, foreign tax credits, and transfer pricing analysis.

Tax Controversy Representation and Advisement

Global Law advises and represents clients on individual income tax audits, estate and gift tax audits, sales tax audits, and corporate tax audits.


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