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Legal representation for immigration and citizenship

Global Law has extensive experience successfully representing individuals undergoing the immigration process throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. We understand the unique legal challenges facing individuals crossing borders for work and to be united or re-united with family. Global Law has the expertise to help meet these challenges. In addition to nonimmigrant (temporary) visas, a foreign national may attaining permanent resident (Green Card) status. Unlike nonimmigrant visas, which limit the length of stay in the U.S., a Green Card enables individuals to work and remain in the United States indefinitely. An individual may be granted lawful permanent residence through employment sponsorship, family sponsorship, or self-sponsorship. We are committed to serving the international community, both locally and abroad. Whether you need legal assistance for yourself, a family member or your business, we can help. Our attorneys have expertise in the following types of visas:

  • Temporary visas for work, business, investment or pleasure
  • Permanent residence
  • S. citizenship
  • Consular processing

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